[PR] TuneUp: What To Pitch The Media This Month July 2020


What To Pitch The Media This Month: July

OMG - you GUYS! It's time to start pitching Holiday Gift Guides that print in November or December.

It's true. The presses are still printing. Magazines are still getting produced in the pandemic. People may be working from offices, or remotely from homes. Creativity and problem solving is rising above the panic, and we are moving forward.

Tune in to this planning TuneUp to get ideas for what you can pitch during July. This doesn't mean it's going to print in July. This means that people in print magazines are planning for November/December and need to hear from you now.

In this TuneUp, we got ideas for:

  • Magazines (Long Lead)
  • Regional Magazines (Medium Lead)
  • Social Media (Immediate Lead)
  • TV (Short Lead)


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