[PR] TuneUp: What To Pitch The Media During: July 2019



To give you a sampling of what Tin Shingle's Exclusive "What To Pitch This Month To Get PR" Series is like, we have opened up this TuneUp to make it free for you to watch immediately! We will soon close this TuneUp back up, so that the only people who can access it for free at anytime are the All Access Pass Members of TIn Shingle.

Two Things You Want To Do

About This TuneUp

HOT TIP! Before you completely unplug and go to the pool, know this: July is HOT HOT HOT for pitching the print media! Summer is the time that the big print magazines are putting together their Holiday issues! That's right! Those issues that drop in November and December.

This Is Gift Guide Pitching Time
You want this. You have been waiting all year for this. You missed your chance on this last year. YOU'VE GOT THIS NOW if you tune into this TuneUp.

What You'll Learn

The key to pitching the media and getting featured is pitching the right idea at the right time. We are going to cover the Media Time Zones during this TuneUp.

  • Magazines: Where are they in their publishing cycles? Yes, they are making Thanksgiving Dinner. That's where your head-space needs to be when pitching them!
  • Blogs: A bit more in real time, so no need to bend your brain like that!
  • TV: What kind of trending ideas can you pitch TV right now to get your business on-air?