[PR] PR Planning for March 2018


This is the Online Class for people who make their own luck. There are those who sit back and wait for opportunities, and then become one of hundreds of people who all try to get that opportunity at once. And then there are the rest of the success stories who are staying ahead of the media and suggesting ideas - suggesting ways that they may feature our business in a way that would delight, captivate, and solve their reader's problems. This class gives the latest story angle ideas that you can use in March to pitch your business for PR in May, June or July.

3 Ways to Get Ideas from This Class TuneUp:

In this class, we go over 3 time sensitive ways to pitch the media. A big part of getting PR is emailing the right editor about it at the right time.

National Magazines:
These editors and writers work in an alternate universe. They work in the future. When it's July, they are literally baking a Thanksgiving turkey and tasting it to write about the gravy recipe.
Lead Time: 3-6 months in advance. If you want to make it into the big glossy magazines, you need to pitch them with ideas 3-6 months in advance. This class explores ideas that will be eligible if you pitch them in March, as they will pertain to May, June or July.

TV + Blogs + Some Regional/Local Magazines:
Producers and bloggers are always looking for ideas and visuals. Television needs to show a person delivering expertise or a great story, and bloggers need to dazzle their readers with pictures.
Lead Time: 1-2 months in advance

Blogs + Social Media + Websites + Timely Topics
Bloggers can have shorter lead time to get a blog up, but more and more, they do require advance notice. Readers of social media, however, are responding right now. You want to get in front of them. Additionally, if a major movement is happening in the news, you want to ride that wave with an article of your own published on your own blog.
Lead Time: 1 week in advance

Recommended Tin Shingle Tools Used In This Class
While listening to this class, you'll want the following tools open on your computer: