[NEWSLETTERS] TuneUp: Design Tips and Tricks for a "Shazam" Newsletter


The only thing harder than pressing "Send" on your newsletter to your customers consistently is nailing down the design. Once you commit to consistently sending your people a newsletter, you want to be sure that your people are reading what you are telling them. In this increasingly visual world, this job is actually becoming easier - if you know where to look. Tin Shingle's co-founder Katie Hellmuth Martin uses this webinar to "live design" different newsletter templates in MailChimp before your eyes while taking any question you have. Tin Shingle's other co-founder Sabina Hitchen makes sure everyone is using layman's terms that everyone can understand.

Covered In This Webinar

  • Learn from 4 different design templates that readers like.
  • Watch Katie use 3 of her favorite and easy to use drag-and-drop design tricks - that you can do too!
  • Common design terms to be aware of to instantly change the look of your newsletter.
  • How you can tell when your newsletter design isn't working - and how to fix it.
  • Subject lines that are working now - and it's not what you think!
  • Questions from marketers and business owners like you answered during the webinar.

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