[NEWSLETTER] TuneUp: How To Create An Exciting Newsletter


It's easy to get your people jazzed about what you are making, selling, providing. Sending a newsletter is often underestimated, yet is one of the most powerful tools you have.

In fact, in the world of publishing and selling advertisements,  the newsletter is the one that businesses want to buy space in. Want to know why? Because it arrives in a personal space - your inbox.

You're probably saying: "But I delete everything."

No you don't. There are some that you open. And when you do, something powerful happens. You remember. Brand loyalty gets created. Even when you don't open something, you see the subject line. You absorb it a little bit.

This TuneUp will hit the hot spots of a newsletter and teach you how to mimic a successful newsletter campaign that led up to an event.

Apply what you learn to build-up to Black Friday, a Holiday Sale, a Product Announcement, or just simply staying fresh and top of mind for your clients so that they will hire you for new business. And you don't even have to directly pitch them!

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