[MOTIVATION] TuneUp: Buzz Building Tactics You Should Unleash for Your Biz


Let's be honest: we all hold back sometimes in terms of building buzz for our businesses.  Sometimes because of fear, sometimes because we don't think we're "good enough" at a strategy to execute it publicly, sometimes because we're overwhelmed and sometimes because we just need a little nudge and a "you can do it" to get moving in the right direction.

Consider this TuneUp your nudge. Tin Shingle co-founders Katie Hellmuth Martin and Sabina Hitchen will help you give yourself permission to act on select social media strategies, PR power moves and content creation game changers that you may have been holding back on.

Covered In This Webinar

  • Give Yourself Permission To...!
    Make gorgeous posters and images for your social media streams at Instagram and Facebook - styles that you see in other social media accounts that you wish your brand could mimic.
  • Give Yourself Permission To...!
    Send a kick-butt newsletter to your current and future clients that promote your goods or services. And you won't just send one newsletter when you're done watching this TuneUp...
  • Give Yourself Permission To...!
    Followup with an editor or producer in the media when it feels like no one is getting your emails.
  • Give Yourself Permission To...!
    Make videos - whether quick "video selfies" or longer features. Sabina and Katie help make this easier for you.
  • Give Yourself Permission To...!
    Throw yourself a party! For any reason! Did your business have an anniversary? Did it launch a new design? You know you've considered throw a party to bring people together to network...

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