[GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION] The Face Your Fears Edition


Sometimes you need permission to do something. But the truth is - you don't need permission to make a change in your life. The only person you need permission from...is you!

Covered In This Webinar

  • A crafty storefront totally turns itself upside down and invites in a group of maker men for a new joint storefront partnership.
  • A pop-up shop redirects their sales funnel - literally - by moving one thing in their shop.
  • A video editor goes through yet another derailed vacation by a high paying client, and finally faces her fear of breaking up with her client.
  • A magazine editor leaves her job for a smaller one, still feels the itch that something isn't right, only to realize she just wants to move closer to home - across the country. A new freelance retail and blogging experience is born.
  • A beauty boutique opened but never had a launch party. Months later, the Ribbon Cutting Party is thrown to great success and new buzz is made.
  • A finance executive leaves her job after 16 years of playing it safe - without a plan. That day, an idea for a new business is born.
  • A family-run business is on the brink of closing, until one of the sons explores a new revenue stream that saved the business.
  • As always we'll be answering your burning questions LIVE during the webinar, so email or tweet them to us in advance!

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Katie Hellmuth MartinKatie Hellmuth Martin is co-founder of Tin Shingle and publisher of A Little Beacon Blog. Since 2005 when she hung her own shingle as a designer of websites and accessories, Katie has worked with businesses of all sizes to grow their digital footprints using newsletters, company blogs, user experience, social media, and a creative look at SEO performance. For Tin Shingle, she is lead designer, community membership nurturer, columnist, and director of partnerships and advertising.