[GIFT GUIDES] TuneUp: Pitching Valentine's Day Gift Guides


Product Businesses

Did you miss the boat on pitching Holiday Gift Guides? Now (as in October and November) is your chance to start pitching Valentine's Day Gift Guides for print magazines works. This TuneUp will walk you through how to pitch your product into a possible Valentine's Day feature.

PS: If you're reading this in December, magazines have been working on Valentine's Day Gift Guides, and some of them have already closed those opportunities because they found all that they need. Mark your calendar for October of next year to begin again.

Service Businesses + Institutions

The February issue will include more than the Valentine's Day Gift Guide. Attend this TuneUp to brush up on your pitching style, because we are going to look at best ways to format the email. You can apply this to your pitching as well when trying to get an expert featured, or a spotlight on a component of your program.

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