[GIFT GUIDES] How to Work with Social Media Influencers for Holiday Buzz and Beyond


Join guest expert Janine Just, founder of Janine Just Inc. and TechStyleNYC as we talk about the new power players of buzz building, social media influencers, and how you can create and grow a relationship with them that is strategic and converts. We'll also highlight how you and your biz can engage with these folks leading up to the holiday shopping season for more impact, sales and visibility!

Covered In This Webinar

  • What is a social media influencer, where do you find 'em and why are they important to consider working with?
  • How to know what influencers are a good fit for your brand.
  • How to begin contact and strike up a conversation with social influencers.
  • Is it possible to work with social media influencers without paying them? What pay rates should I expect? Do they negotiate fees?
  • Is gifting product sometimes enough "payment".
  • Let's talk Instagram influencers and celebrities. Who are they, how powerful are they and what should a biz know about working with them?
  • How can I tell if an influencer is truly impactful? Can numbers be a false read (because people can buy them)?
  • Let's get clear on expectations: how can I be sure everyone is on the same page of my influencer campaign expectations? WHAT should my expectations be?
  • How can I work with influencers during the HOLIDAY shopping season and beyond?
  • Hooray! The influencer campaign is under way! How can I promote and support it?
  • Has our expert Janine Just been a witness to some powerful influencer campaigns (hers or others)? What made them winners?
  • Flip it & Reverse it: I want to BE a social media influencer! Where do I start? What should I? Is content key to growing my following?


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Justine Just

Janine Just and her team are known as “connectologists.” What exactly is a connectologist, you may ask? They are agents of digital gap-bridging; people who bring real life to digital relationships with in-person interactions and shared experiences, integrating both public relations and social media savvy along the way. They are social evangelists in a quantum setting, engaging online communities with specific, targeted messaging, and inviting them to join in offline during enriching, dynamic IRL (in real life) events. It’s all part of their effort to build closer relationships between a brand and its valued fans.

Twitter: @JanineJustInc
Instagram: @JanineJustInc
Facebook: @JanineJustInc

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