[Founders Secret Series] Interview With An Artist Who Quit Her Day Job


This is an incredible story. Tin Shingle’s owner Katie will interview Megh Knappenberger to hear her story of leaving her graphic design days behind her in order to pursue her painting full time. But, her graphic design days come back into play a major part into how she found success so soon. Not long after making her big decsion to become a professional fine artist, Megh produced some paintings, and made a sale of $150,000! Publicity happened quickly after that, and she she needed to take the rest of the month off to keep up with new orders.

Living the Dream (Job)!

How did Megh do this? With a combination of tapping into her city's love for sports - the Kansas City Jayhawks - and landing the only licensing agreement from the Jayhawks to an artist. We are going to find out how she did this, and tap into the chutzpah that makes all of this happen. 

Iron Sharpens Iron - One Story Helps Shape Another

Megh will tell us all about her inspiration, determination, and collaborations in Tin Shingle's exclusive interview, to help you make your own success. Covered in this interview:

  • Licensing: What does that mean? Do you need one? How can you get one?
  • Sales: What was your breaking sale? Take us through the process of that sale - the inspiration, determination, and realization. How do you maintain revenue?
  • Press: How did you pursue getting noticed? How has it helped sales, credibility, and overall business?
  • Mindset: How has it changed? What have you learned? What does an entrepreneur need to be successful?
  • What is life like now: Six paintings, one child, a back injury, and dream job later?