[BLOG] How Your Business Blog Can Build Credibility, Buzz and Engagement


In this TuneUp e-class, learn how your business blog can spread your digital footprint and increase your branding opportunities. Tin Shingle co-founders Sabina Hitchen and Katie Hellmuth Martin take you through ideas and strategies you can start using today to breathe new life into your blog and bring it to the next level.


Covered In This Webinar

  • Brand Storytelling: Why your blog is one of the most powerful ways of creating your own brand storytelling to help it spread online.
  • Depth to Website: How a blog adds depth and action on an otherwise static website that doesn't change frequently.
  • Credibility: How your business blog creates validation of your brand.
  • Media Love Blogs: How the press will use your business blog if they are considering your business in a news story.
  • Facebook: Why blogging at Facebook isn't enough, and how you could be missing out on long-term exposure.
  • Plan Your Work - Work Your Plan! Sabina and Katie suggest easy ways you can plan out in advance what will be on your blog. (HINT: Use the Blog Planning Calendar that is mentioned in this e-class)
  • Key Ways to Create Killer Content: You can do it! You will learn strategies that even magazines use to create content that your readers, customers and clients will love.
  • Share It! Great ways you can lead people to your blog post and business website from Instagram and other social streams.

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About the TuneUp Series

Each week Tin Shingle hosts a live call-in e-class called a TuneUp that focuses on a featured topic in buzz-building. These classes can include PR, social media, SEO, blogging, newsletter strategies, and more. The e-class is recorded it to make it available as a podcast or video webinar. Our experts and special guests lead each class. We take real questions from real business owners and answer them on the spot. TuneUps are available to everyone, but are free for Tin Shingle members.

Sabina HitchenSabina Hitchen is the co-founder of Tin Shingle and the President of Red Branch Public Relations.  She has been practicing, teaching and lecturing on all things public relations for over eight years and specializes in lifestyle public relations for small businesses and entrepreneurs.  Sabina's clients have appeared everywhere from the Today Show, Good Morning America and CBS This Morning to Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc.com, O the Oprah Winfrey Magazine, People StyleWatch, E! News and more.  She is a true believer that "it's PR not ER" and that every small business given the right skills and tools can excel at managing and understanding their public relations campaign.

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