The Time My Business, BiziBubble, Partnered With Fix a Bra After Seeing It on the Today Show



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BiziBubble couldn't be more thrilled about having Fix A Bra as a BiziBonus partner! And to think it happened while I was simply watching them like everyone else was one morning on Kathy Lee and Hoda!

In case you're not familiar with my business and why this was a great fit, I'll tell you quickly about it's a subscription service where we customize and deliver to women their order of feminine hygiene products. In each order, we feature one gifted item as a "BiziBonus" right when you need it most ;) As the CEO of BiziBubble, it's really important to me to find unique beauty items that will make women feel good and possibly end up as their new beauty addiction. This BiziBonus proves to be just that. I also like to help other businesses feature their products through our delivery system to women across the country. Everyone wins! :)

One morning while I was working, I heard Kathy Lee and Hoda from the Today Show on in the background (yes, I think they are hilarious)  say..."this is a brilliant idea!" I looked up to see what the brilliant idea was, and I saw them holding this bright pink product called Fix A Bra. I quickly turned up the volume on my TV and was immediately transfixed by the's bright pink!

As I watched the segment and learned more about Fix A Bra, I realized this would be a perfect gift for my BiziBubble subscribers for their BiziBonus gift! First, it's for women. Second, it's for practical women who don't like to toss away a perfectly expensive bra...AND it's a great concept! It’s one of those products that you don’t know you need until it’s too late, so I ran over to my computer and looked them up.  

Denise and Lesley are the mother/daughter team behind the Fix A Bra, and also run the blog Chaotically Creative. I figured they might get inundated with calls or emails after the segment, so I didn't wait until the segment was over. I went straight to my phone and called.  Luckily I got a hold of Lesley, the creator and owner! I was more than thrilled. We had a fabulous conversation and even talked about different challenges and successes of running our individual businesses. She loved the idea of BiziBubble and also thought it would be a nice partnership. We spoke a few more times over the course of two weeks and before I knew it, we had our newest partnership! I couldn't wait to include Fix A Bra in our BiziBubble boxes :)   

Fix A Bra is a pre-cut moleskin patch with extra strength adhesive used to cover an area of a bra in which the underwire has begun to wear through the casing and is causing discomfort. It is a patch is just the solution in preventing irritation and rubbing. It cushions areas of discomfort and fixes those pesky wires from poking you.

What’s amazing is it repairs not just the underwire in your bra, but other clothing mishaps that always happen to your favorite clothes! We tried it on a dress that a BiziBubble member just can’t live without. The fabric begun to wear near the zipper, so she patched it up and it held securely all night! We were amazed by the strength of that little patch! It’s compact, small and handy enough to carry in your purse. You can quickly repair your bra/clothes while traveling, attending an event, at the office or in the comfort of your own home. Fix A Bra moleskin can extend the life of your favorite bra for months, maybe even longer! As their motto goes: “Why Trash It? Patch It!”

While I'm thrilled this partnership happened for me, I'm putting it out there to you if that you try for something you have a conviction is a good idea, good things may come! No matter how "far out" you think the idea is.