How to Come Up With and Pick a Domain Name for Your Business - And Protect Against Trademark Infringement


Domain Name Ideas - How to Pick One for your Business

Tin Shingle wasn’t always the name of this company. Tin Shingle's name emerged after we received a cease and desist letter from a major company who liked our other name, and commanded that we hand it over in the name of trademark infringement - despite them not owning the trademark for our name, but they owned the trademark for a similar term. After battling for a year, we settled, and agreed to change our name.

It was for the better. The current name, Tin Shingle, is loads better and more unique, thanks to the hours of reflection given to this change when trying to find the best business name and matching domain name. Lessons learned about picking a domain name include:

1. Name Your Company Business and Domain Name for Types of Customers, Clients or Readers You Want to Attract.

Tin Shingle is a digital community and resource. We thrive online, but crave working with our hands in the physical space. We wanted to attract more artists and makers, who are prone to shying away from marketing resources. “Tin" is a resilient metal, and “Shingle” is a sign you hang outside when you first go into business. Tin Shingle signals that we value the physical and are resilient (Tin) and are into marking “Shingle”. You can’t simply hang your shingle and expect the people to come in. You need to go out there and get them!

2. Secure ALL Extensions, Like .com, .org, .net, .tv, .info, .mobi, All of Them

For our previous name, we only had 1 extension - the .net. Another business totally separate from ours had the .com version. By the time we reached out to the small business with the .com version, they had already settled with the big company. So the big guys were just eating domains, and ours was next. For our new business and domain name,, we bought loads of extensions so as to own them all. No squatters.

3. Be Original.

I know that you think you’re being original by thinking of your name. But you must Google it every time. Many business owners actually don’t do this. Make sure nothing exists that is anything like your business. If there is one in another state, skip it, and go back to the drawing board. It’s not worth the confusion.

4. Unique Social Handles.

Please don’t rely on removing one word from your business to make it unique from another in picking your domain name, or in picking or crafting your social handle accounts. Test the social handle. Does a variation of your business name or domain name exist? Make sure the name of the social handle you pick exists in as close to your business name as possible. Avoid using acronyms if you can.

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