The Celebrity SEO Effect: How to Score New Sales and Exposure from a Celebrity Mention of a Trend


The easiest way to benefit from a celebrity endorsement of something is to sell what they love. But what if a celebrity doesn't know about your product? How will you score this endorsement? Even though Tin Shingle does have articles and Training TuneUps in how to pitch a celebrity about your business, there is one way that most business owners, artists, authors and makers don't know about: The Celebrity SEO Effect. Or, SEO Gone Wild.

This is when a celebrity, like Kylie Jenner mentioned here in this September 2018 issue of Allure magazine, says that she has done something (or loves something), like removing filler from her lips, and then everyone who has filler in their lips also considers removing it, and takes to Google to find out how. According to this blurb in Allure, Google searches for "lip filler removal" went up by 10,000% after Kylie Instagrammed that she was removing hers (it's buried in a Comment). I write about this in more detail in this blog post at Tin Shingle.

This is a goldmine if you're in this industry. I'm not well versed in lip filler, but right off the bat, I would think the following types of people would benefit from an influx of people removing lip filler:

  • Professionals who remove lip filler.
  • Professionals who remove lip filler who want to provide tips to magazines, TV, and the public in order to gain exposure as an expert.
  • Attorneys for lip filler removal gone bad.
  • Makeup artists who have tips on how to build a fuller lip with makeup.
  • Makeup product makers who make a divine lipstick, lip gloss, lip pump-er-upper

I've seen results for single pages on my website increase by 400% after I make a few tweaks to them. The traffic is out there, it's just a matter of it finding your page, and when a surge is going to happen. This Tip Sheet is going to give you a few pointers on how to do it.

First of All, Your Business Website Needs a Blog.

I don't care if you sell meal delivery services, are an artist like a potter, or if you are a service provider like a graphic designer. The blog on your website gives you the ability to create endless pages of content that can each - let me repeat that - each - be an SEO magnet for a very specific search term that gets spoken in the world.

SEO Bait:

You're going to use a blog post at your website as SEO bait - just like when you are fishing, and you bait your hook. You are going to put the following enticing content on it:

  • Picture(s) illustrating what you are talking about.
  • Link(s) to references you are making. Even if those are to other websites. Link to both your own pages and those at other websites. This will help your pages rank for a term. Don't limit yourself by thinking: "I don't want my reader to leave my website!" They will come back. You've just granted them departure by recommending another website, and they have just granted you their trust, and will return to your website.
  • Content. You'll write a really tight article about that one thing. Your content will revolve around that keyword term, or that topic.

How To Know What The Keyword Term Is:

How will you know what the world is speaking? You could tap into Google Trends to see how a phrase has been trending over time. You could also subscribe to Google's Trend Alerts to help you stay more current. However, simply reading social media posts and magazine mentions of the celebrities who may talk about a type product you sell, or mention something you are an expert in, may get you faster results.

Act Fast.

If you blog about this before the major magazines do, your blog post could sit at the top of these as-they-happen search results while the wave of spiking searches is cresting. Eventually, as major media outlets like Vogue, the Hollywood Reporter and People are getting their articles written, they may outrank your post. But in that day or two where your business had #1 ranking in Google for that term, you may have seen new sales for your product, or had a nice bump in traffic for those business owners who need healthy readership numbers. Eventually, Vogue, Fox News, and others wrote about Kylie's comment on lip filler (that was buried in the comments for that post).

Now That You're Ranking - Sell It!

If you get the #1 Google ranking, or at least on the first page of Google for that search term, that is awesome! But you must capitalize on this placement. In addition to it being a feather in your cap for SEO, you must sell what you sell. In the articles at Vogue and Fox News, they both mentioned something you could buy or take action that was related to lip filler. Here's how they both did it:

  • Vogue linked to two other related articles they published about Kylie and her lips or makeup line. They also placed a Kylie Makeup video tutorial on the page, which increases viewers for that video, and is a overall strategy for increase in views for advertisers.
  • Fox News gave a plug to Kylie Jenner Lip Kits, as well as linking to other websites like Vanity Fair and Complex, to most likely help Fox's page overall with the high ranking so that they could increase page views and their readership for advertiser reporting.
  • Hollywood Reporter followed the same strategy that Fox News did, in that they linked to other articles they reported on, as well as Tweets and other interesting content off-site for their readers to eat up, like that Dior debuted a minimalist makeup look in Paris.

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