Time Tracking System for Clients, Projects and Retainers - The No Bells and Whistles Template


Finally, a time tracking template to contain your brain as you keep track of hours put into client work. Here's the thing - there are a bazillion project management systems out there - and you may have tried them all. Learning them is one thing, liking them is another. After years of working with lots of clients, we still like tricking out good old spreadsheets in Google Drive's Excel with rows that add up the hours spent in a project using colors to make everything look pretty. And of course, quick, at-a-glance views of how much time is left in a retainer or project, as well as cash flow as your team executing some of the work send you bills.

This is the Time Tracking System for Clients and Projects With No Bells and Whistles. That's right. It's just straight up tracking so that you can quickly keep track of what was done for each project within each client. And how much time is left in their project. You can keep track of this in bookkeeping software like Quickbooks or Freshbooks, but if you're not the kind of person that has Quickbooks or Freshbooks open every day, then you're going to have trouble keeping track of the details. Plus, the nitty-gritty details you need for project management may be too many for a bookkeeping software. That's why you'll love this template.

Have you ever blown through a retainer, wondering why you are so exhausted and out of money? It's because you probably went hours over your contract, and didn't even realize it.

Do you have people working for you in a project, and you need to see how much they worked within a project so that they can get paid what they worked, and also so that you can know when a job completed in its deliverables or time? Then this Time Tracking System for Clients and Projects is the project management solution for you.


  • Client Snapshot: We set up a client page for you (aka "Worksheet") to start in.
  • Directions of Client Snapshot: On the next page, we wrote you lots of helpful notes about how to use this Time Tracking System for Clients and Projects Template.
  • Cash Flow: With people working for you, sending you invoices against payments from clients coming in, you got to keep your Cash Flow in check. We set this up for you, so that you can add what open bills you have from your workers, and how much money you got in the bank.
  • Rates: You work with different people, and those people have different rates. Are they working for you on an hourly rate for some type of work? Or a flat rate for other types of projects? Keep track of all of the numbers here.
  • Packages Unused: There are those people who buy products or packages you sell, and then don't use them. You may not be one of these people, but they are out there! Keep track of these projects purchased from you so that when people are ready to use them, you all are on the same page of how much time they bought or have left.
  • HOT TIP: Upload this Excel template to Google Drive, and Share it with your people! This way, your team can enter their time, and you can enter your time and manage it from wherever. This is the forever free project management system that isn't going to send you updates, require multiple types of logins, or any of those bells and whistles that stress you out.


Client Project Time Tracker for Retainers and Packages

Download it now! Quickly! So that your client life can get a lot easier!