SEO Tracking Sheet Template


Good SEO (search engine optimization) involves a keen eye to detail. Every page on your website has the ability to rank for different keywords in Google when someone is searching for something that you sell. You want your website to get in front of them! There are several areas of your web pages that you can make changes to when getting more aggressive with your SEO to attract more customers who want to buy from you in just a few clicks. Tracking these changes is 100% necessary to successful SEO. Learning from your changes is what will get you sales. Did a tweak you made to your top navigation hurt or help people click on a section? Did that tweak to your navigation bring in your traffic in Google because the navigation item also showed up in Google when people Googled your business name? Did the product name change you made hurt or help? Did traffic increase, decrease, or remain the same? This template, which is a downloadable Excel file, will enable you to track this easily.

With this SEO Tracking Sheet Template, You Can Track:

  • Keywords your website is ranking for
  • Keywords you wished your website ranked for
  • Changes made to your website pages
  • Keyword ideas you get from social media and people speaking around you

Details About This SEO Template:

  • 1 Excel file that you can download to your computer from this page in 1 click.
  • The file has 4 worksheets on it that help you organize your goals, rankings and changes.
  • Unlimited Updates! You get a free update to this file whenever it is enhanced. Simply return to this page, and the current file will be there! If a new file is uploaded, you will be notified via email.
  • Easily upload this Excel template to your Google Drive for easy access on the go and for team access.
  • Enjoy!