Expenses and Income Tracking Template


Keeping track of your Income and Expenses should be a party! If you're doing it right, it will be something you look forward to. This Expenses & Income Tracking Template is a spreadsheet that can make your budget life much easier. Stay on top of this, and submitting income and expenses whenever you need to will be much easier.

Even if you do use Quickbooks for your business bookkeeping, yet need something to track your personal finances that you may share with a life partner or spouse, this template is for you.

If you're not using accounting software like QuickBooks or Freshbooks yet, you can use Tin Shingle's Expenses & Income Tracking Template to keep track of your money and plan ahead. This template spreadsheet is also useful if you haven't graduated to using Mint, which is a useful financial tracking app.

Debt tracking is just as important as bringing in income. If you have credit card or other debt, you can track those balances here in the spreadsheet to easily see your total debt. Update it as you chip away at the balances, and watch the total balance go down! When you log into your credit report software (Capital One and Chase offer good ones), hopefully watch your credit score go up.

This finances template will help you be aware of what types of expenses you can submit that may impact your taxes. As with any financial document, consult with your accountant or financial institution before making any decisions.

Benefits Of This Expenses & Income Template Spreadsheet:

  • At-A-Glance Worksheet Tabs:
    • Bank Registers
    • Balances on Bills
    • Work Expenses
    • Personal Household Expenses
    • Client Payments Received
  • Partner or Spouse Planning
    If you live with someone and are sharing expenses and a financial life, there is a simple way for you to update what cash is in each of your bank accounts, and what is earmarked to clear for spending.
  • Private - Not Connected To Banks or Passwords
    This is an Excel spreadsheet that is not connected or synced with your bank accounts. There are apps where you can do that (like Mint or QuickBooks).
  • Monthly Expenses Tracking
  • Note Fields
  • Totals: This template has been formulated to calculate your totals for each type of expense.

Sneak Peek

The Bank Register Worksheet in the Finances Template Spreadsheet

Screenshot of Work Expenses for Finances Spreadsheet Template

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