Xpandasox® & our mission to put socks on those in need



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All #SmallBizDiary Entries by SHARON THORP
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Xpandasox mission to put sox on those in need in homeless shelters

The story of Xpandasox® and The Sock Bank all started as answers to a prayer.  After being in the legwear business for 26 years, and hearing feedback from customers that socks were too tight around their calves, an idea for an expandable sock popped into mind. The same day, the first prototype was cut and sewn, and Xpandasox® was born.

Xpandasox Sock BankTo give you a little background, allow us to introduce Xpandasox®: a patent pending innovative new sock concept. Inspired by the red ridge that too tight socks leave on your leg, Xpandasox® stretches to accommodate legs of all shapes. The unique construction of XPANDASOX® features a stretchy, patent pending, sewn in panel, that solves the common problem of finding socks with adequate stretch. No more ridges on your legs from too tight socks! The ideal problem solver for a wide variety of men and women including, frequent travelers with swollen legs, pregnant women, women and men with large calves, swollen ankles and feet. They also stretch to accommodate casts and braces and are ideal for use with sock aids.

From the beginning of the long and arduous process from conception, to sourcing, applying for a patent and beyond, we knew we had great idea that could truly help people. We wanted to garner exposure for this product since so many people would benefit from it. But it was not enough. Our true goal was to make a lasting impact on the world at large, and bring awareness to a passion that is close to our hearts.

Socks are the most asked for, but least donated item in homeless shelters in the US.  Knowing this stark reality, we created The Sock Bank. For every pair of Xpandasox® purchased, we deposit one pair into our "Sock Bank."  We have partnered with organizations, such as Dignity U Wear (http://www.dignityuwear.org) among others, that will withdraw socks from our bank to give to those in need.

We recently posted on our Facebook page a picture of a homeless man asking for socks, and it has received an incredible amount of support. Our hearts are overjoyed to see such an outpouring of support and awareness and we pray that it is just the beginning. https://www.facebook.com/xpandasox/photos/a.777997702317948.1073741829.7...

We have been challenged by Dignity U Wear to donate 200,000 pairs of socks by March 2016. We will be donating black socks that are antimicrobial, to promote healthier feet, and cushioned on the bottom for added comfort that are more resilient to wear and tear. These will be distributed throughout the United States. Please help us to reach this goal, so that we can serve others. 

Thanks so much for reading our story and for all of your help and support.

For more, visit our web site at www.xpandasox.com and our social media pages:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/xpandasox

Instagram: @xpandasox

Twitter: @xpandasox

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