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The young but growing company that created Zipp Mist, an innovative shaving product that all but eliminates unsightly and uncomfortable razor burn, is about to take its marketing efforts to the next level and at the same time help out the men and women who are serving our country in Afghanistan and other arid regions of the world.


After years of research, Spray and Shave burst on the scene in 2015 with Zipp Mist, a product that gave men an option to traditional shaving cream, which has a high pH factor that actually causes razor burn. Now, a new and improved product has been repackaged by Hi Tech Shaving Solutionsas TAC Shaving, and, if all goes well, 10,000 bottles will be distributed to U.S. soldiers around the world.


The company hopes to raise the money it needs to make the plan work through crowd funding. The potential infusion of cash also will help Hi Tech Shaving Solutions beef up itsproduction facilities in Columbia, South Carolina.


“We hope to raise $100,000, which will allow us to send 10,000 bottles of TAC Shaving to our military men and women,” said Mark Goodson, who developed his original product, Zipp Mist, after five years of intensive research.


Now, through the efforts of two chemical engineers at the University of South Carolina, TAC Shaving is better than ever. It is made up of a combination of 20 moisturizing oils and soothing skin conditioners. As a result, in addition to providing you with a smooth, clean shave, it also helpskeep your skin feeling and looking great. This is especially important in places such as Afghanistan. In fact, many women have discovered that they can use TAC Shaving to shave their legs or as a deep, hydrating moisturizer for dry skin – or both.


Goodson developed Zipp Mist, then TAC Shaving, out of necessity. Because he has sensitive skin, shaving has always been a chore for him. Every time he shaved using thick, creamy shaving cream, the kind that has been accepted as the norm seemingly forever, he suffered the pain and embarrassment of razor burn.


“It took me six years to find the right combination for TAC Shaving,” Goodson commented. “Now I would like to share our success with our nation’s military men and women. If we can raise $100,000, we can upgrade our production capacity and, at the same time, say thank you in a small way to the men and women who are keeping us safe.”




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