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Today I shared the contents of a Lamb Kit on Periscope.  There were 3,800 hearts received! That's huge! (For me!)

The share was prompted by yesterday's emergency trip to a local farm (StudioHill VT) where they'd had their very first lamb and it was having some difficulties.  I had to pull some colostrum out of my freezer that I'd harvested in February from a ewe that had lambed on my farm, knew I'd need my tube feeder and a syringe, and grabbed a bottle of vitamin/mineral boost for good measure.

I was able to share my experience and kit with the new farmer, he learned lots of valuable lessons, and the lamb got a good belly full of colostrum in it's first hours - critical to it's health.  

So I pulled the contents of my Lamb Kit out, itemized it with the Periscope audience, and learned how to use "Katch.Me" to save my Periscope broadcasts for replay beyond 24 hours.

All good stuff.  And now you can learn about what is important for a shepherd to have on hand during lambing season, too! :-)

Happy Spring, happy lambing!

-Farmer Tam

Lamb Kit Periscope March 25, 2016

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