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All #SmallBizDiary Entries by Lisa Hennessy
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So like most entrepreneurs, we all start our year with big hopes and plans. I have to admit that I've finally figured out how to set myself up for success. Using the white board in my kitchen (doesn't everyone have one?) I've been able to keep the important goals top of mind. It helps me and my employees monitor our progress and adjust where necessary. They have taken so much ownership on the goals that they now even suggest new goals and take great pleasure in marking particular goals complete. For example, when we get large orders (like the ones we've been working on for the past month), we log them on the white board and when they ship to our customer, they get to put the check mark for completion. It's really helped us all grow as a team.

We had a very cool day in March when Zagat (the restaurant review folks) picked Your Pet Chef to feature on their small business video series highlighting companies with unusual food businesses. They came to the house and filmed us making food and treats and then accompanied me when I made some deliveries. I'll be sure to share when it's available. I always tease my employees that eventually I'm going to have a reality show following us making food and doing deliveries because we have so many funny stories. I get the eye roll with a please, just stop. Now I tease them saying this would make a great camera shot or silly things like that. Still get the eye roll.

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