Another 24 Hours: What do you mean this picture isn’t high-resolution?



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Looking back, I should have known these pictures were not high resolution. However, I didn’t check until yesterday when a WiggleTot product shot was requested by the press for the first time.  I hired a photographer through Thumbtack last April to take product shots with various wiggly babies almost immediately after receiving my product. I am usually a good judge of character but I would never expect what would’ve taken place in the last 24 hours. I mean the photographer was always polite, had professional equipment, and delivered 10 edited product shots to me in a timely fashion. 

However, yesterday I wrote him requesting high-resolution pictures for a media outlet. Maybe I shouldn’t have been so specific in my request but how else was I to explain the urgency? He wrote back random sentences about establishing royalty payments and how it could be waivered for a mere $500.

I had to re-type my response a few times making sure I kept it professional. I was battling thoughts in my head trying to remind myself that this is a good day. I scrambled through paperwork in our storage looking through contracts his signature was on of other moms who let me photograph their baby. My heart racing as I read through a contract that I wrote stating that WiggleTot had the right to use this through any medium at his/her studio or elsewhere in any and all media now and hereafter known, for art, advertising, trade or any other purpose whatsoever.  After no immediate reply,I went to bed reading “The Master Keys” trying to keep my thoughts positive and not downward spiraling out of control.

I woke up to an email from him explaining that he was unaware he signed a contract and if I could send him a copy. I didn’t hear back after sending a copy and time was not on my side knowing how fast my press opportunity could vanish if I didn’t send a high-resolution photograph. I had written Thumbtack the night before requesting a transcript of all of my conversations with the photographer. Luckily, I received the transcript a few minutes before noon. Adrenalin raced through my veins as I read that I would receive ten high-resolution photographs in the agreement. Thank goodness! I couldn’t remember what was promised to me but I knew it wasn’t website photos as he previously stated.  I sent a screen shot of the transcript and still no reply? He used to reply to me almost always immediately. As the time ticked on, my mind battled over whether or not I should get Thumbtack involved.

So, I got Thumbtack involved. A rep generously offered to write the photographer an email explaining how they will step in if the deliverable goods promised aren’t delivered to me. Not only did I receive a response from him in under a minute of him receiving the email, I received my ten high-resolution photos in less than five minutes. He did however also ask me to now help him out and give a photographer credit whenever possible. I was too happy to be mad anymore. I told him where I can’t provide credit I will send him an email with the publication for him to use in his portfolio. He was extremely grateful. I figure why not lead by example. Plus, I was extremely lucky. Between you and me, I started doubting myself what was agreed upon.

I learnt many lessons in the last 24 hours and the biggest one for me is not letting anxiety make a bad situation worse.  Oh, and most importantly Buyer Beware. Check the product before you approve it! How did I not know they weren’t High-Res?

Note to Sabina: I followed under your footsteps and tweeted a thank you to the rep at Thumbtack for saving my day. They were extremely happy.