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Ok, I totally felt guilty at my daughter's regular well-check doctor appointment when her doc asked how much tv she watches and suggested she only get 2 hours a day watching the tube! (I don't think the doc realized how many hours are in the day, because 2 hours is nothing)! It's summer and now I have all 3 kids at home with me while I am trying to do a million and one things to run and grow my business. I am not going to lie I use the tv as a babysitter every day! Now, on the weekends we are rarely in the house so they get very little tv and during the week I do take them for a walk and let them play in the park, so they aren't held up inside all day. But I really don't get what the big deal is if my kids watch more than 2 hours a day of tv (I mean we are talking Sesame Street, Team Umizumi, and Disney channel). As a kid I watched a ton of tv and played too many videogames and I think I turned out fine. So my guilt of the tv babysitter didn't last too long when I put it into the perspective of what my life and my kids' lives are and not what some doctor who doesn't know our family thinks. These professionals can quote as many surveys and studies as they want., I will be using my tv babaysitter probably more than they suggest :)