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Hello Tin Shinglers! I recently had an awesome magic moment in my PR outreach and just thought I'd share. I hadn’t expected to hear back from this editor, (I've been chasing her for so long with no reply) But I employed a tip from a #PRTuneUp that worked like a charm!!

The tip I put to work was using a personal note with a compliment before a pitch. It was nerve-wracking to break the pitching mold and craft a personal note to this editor, but, with TuneUp encouragement echoing in my head, I decided to go for it. I drafted the e-mail, striving to be authentic and specific with my compliment before introducing the product pitch catered to what I thought she'd like, sent it off and crossed my fingers. 
When she responded with a "thank you" and expressed an interest in the product, I could hardly believe it!! Thanks to that personal e-mail approach, I have one-on-one communication with an amazing editor that I can nurture into a fruitful relationship over time. 
Now I’m thinking of #PRTuneUp tips as my pitching magic wand...just when I'm about to give up, they can make the magic happen and help me pull an editor out of the hat!