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All #SmallBizDiary Entries by Dawn Del Russo
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Hey my lovelies!

I decided it was time for an inside view on working on a "reality" TV show. I had the super fun opportunity to be part of Glamour Magazine's new show "Dress to Kill."  Now I can't give away all the deets since it is a competion show, I will say we all know the true meaning of "reality" when it comes to TV.

When I was contacted about the opportunity, I had no idea what type of show it was, except for the fact it was for Glamour Magazine and they were looking for NY fashion stylists. So I did a screen test and a few days later got the call to be on the show.  First thought: "yaaaay!" Second thought: "Wait, what is the show even about?" Needless to say, in this industry everything happens yesterday; they sent me the contract to sign and within days I was filming.

The first day was a waiting game, lots of camera set up, people on set, wardrobe, make up, etc. PS the wardrobe and make up was not for the stylists, we had to fend for ourselves. The only thought I had was, "why am I waiting here for this, I have so many other "real business" things I could be getting done!" Then I was called, mic'd up and explained the rules of the game.   As a stylist I am always up for a challenge, 10 minutes to pull clothing for a model I never fit before, only to be judged, this was going to get interesting. I decided I had to have fun with this, and that is just what I did for a long week of filming. If you have been following along with the show, the competions between all of the stylists have been captivating.  From how to dress for a ball game to meeting the parents and my latest, what to wear on a road trip.

As an entreprenuer I took this not only as a challenge for my fashion skills but as a creative way to leverage my personal brand and introduce it to a new world of viewers.  Each day as business owners we are presented with ways to enhance our presence, especially in the digitial evolving world. It is always important to evaluate the value these type of opportunities will bring to your business.  If we can leverage it to increase brand awareness without compromising our personal views it is a win-win!