Membership Payment Plan Terms and Conditions + Refund Policy


Tin Shingle's programs were created for small businesses of all sizes and budgets.

When You Join Tin Shingle as a Member, Membership Benefits are Unlocked Right Away!
The moment you join, all membership benefits are unlocked and available to you to start spreading your online marketing and press coverage. The rewards you'll reap here at Tin Shingle are based on relationship building, brand awareness, and getting the word out about your business using many different channels.

Cancel at Any Time
You may cancel at any time. If you cancel within the month that you already paid for, your billing will stop, but you can use your membership until the end of your billing cycle. Any content that you posted on this website, like your Business profile or Shopping Guide promotion will be unpublished. Otherwise, should you re-activate your membership at any time, the content that you created, like Diaries of Small Business Owners, and Shopping Guides, can be re-activated upon your renewal. Please email Tate at to pause or cancel your membership.

Auto-Billing + Refunds
Monthly and annual plans are auto-billed, and will show on your bank statement each month or year, depending on the payment plan you pick. From the day you activate your membership, your credit card is auto-billed from that day. For example, if you pick the monthly plan and join on the 21st of the month, you will be billed on the 21st of the following month. If you decide to cancel your membership at any point between that time, you will be able to use your membership until the following billing period, at which point you will no longer be billed. We do not offer pro-rated refunds if you cancel mid-month or year. If you intended to cancel membership but forgot to do so before your next billing cycle, we grant you a one-day grace period to email Tate Fields at billing at for a full refund. The same rules apply to an annual membership.

Changes to Credit Card
If you have changes to your credit card, please email Tate Fields at billing at to make the changes and avoid interruption in your membership services.

The Membership Program that you activate and any classes or templates that you download are based on digital access. Tin Shingle does not ship anything physical to you. That said, you may get a holiday card in December.

If you have any questions at all, please reach out to co-founder Katie Hellmuth Martin directly at katie at She is happy to answer any of your questions, including how a membership with Tin Shingle can directly help your business.