Nomie Baby is included in "The MomShift" : Navigating Work/Family Balance



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Over a year ago I spoke with author, Reva Seth, about the book she was writing, "The MomShift."  She was interested in writing about moms that have gone back to work, sharing their stories, their successes, obsticles, and how they make it work.  It was a thrill when the book came out a couple of months ago featuring my experience starting and running Nomie Baby, as well as reading the other wormen's stories.

The art of balancing family, work and running a company is challenging, and reading about how other wormen have successfully navigated these waters was inspiring.  There are many common challenges, and reading about how others dealt with issues from juggling school schedules with business meetings to how to effectively us social media to being able to "turn off" and so much more was fascinating and encouraging.

If you are thinking of starting a business, going back to work, or wondering about making a "shift" I suggest checking out Reva Smith's "The MomShift."  You will learn that there are many creative ways to accomplish your goals, and many people out there who have been there - done that, and willing to help. 

NomieBaby Featured in The MomShift by Reva Seth