No Sick or Personal Days as a Small Biz Owner, Anyone Else Been There?



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All #SmallBizDiary Entries by Sabina Hitchen
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Well today was a doozy...I've been fighting a cold for a couple days now that makes it difficult to get geeked up about all the exciting things going on at Tin Shingle and with my other work projects as well!  You know when your head hurts, your nose burns, you keep coughing....?  I'll spare you the details but you get it, I'm sure.  On top of all of that, today marks my younger brother's 30th birthday.  Normally this would be a time of celebration but as he was killed by a drunk driver when he was in high school, it brings back feelings of sadness and loss, the kind that make you want to curl up in bed and just let the day pass you by....

Were I a "civilian worker" (what I refer to people who aren't small biz owners or entrepreneurs) I'd most likely have called in sick.  But alas, I'm a Tin Shingler, I'm an entrepreneur.  If I call in sick who will attend the Tin Shingle owners meeting?  Katie can't very well talk to herself all day.  Who would take care of the face-to-face meetings I had to be at today?  Who would send out my company's 1099 forms and reply to reporters queries and make sure the endless list of to-dos gets done.

I'll admit that I tabled some work for later in the week, but at the end of the day, it's very, very hard to take a personal or sick day when you're a small business owner.  Know what's almost equally frustrating?  When people (often my civilian friends and relatives) tell me to just take it easy.  I understand they mean well but that often isn't a reality.

So I've been forging ahead today.  Sniffly nose, heavy heart...what are you gonna do?  I will say that in times like these you are reminded of who how amazing your team is (if you have a team) and your support system.  Though I couldn't take a personal day or call in sick, I have a kick ass partner (Katie Hellmuth-Martin) who gives me the personal and professional support I need, and I have friends and family who let me laugh, cry and vent.  That said, those moments come in intervals that have to end when duty calls!

Anyone else ever feel the same way? 

Until later...back to work I go!