My Son Learned to Open Jelly While I Ran My Business - What a Mess!



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I write this #SmallBizDiary entry at the insistence of my business partner at Tin Shingle, Sabina. By writing this post, I must expose to the world this picture of my son, who learned how to open the jelly jar and make himself a yogurt/jelly parfait while I was in the other room Instagramming a video Sabina had made to promote our weekly Wednesday #TuneUps.

Usually I separate work and kids, as doing both only causes me frustration because I can't enjoy either 100%. But on this day, Sabina had sent me such a great text video about how awesome our #TuneUp was going to be, that I was overcome with the need to get it onto Instagram in time before our member-only call started in a few hours. I knew the kids were plugged into Netflix and food, and I could hear them scooping jelly and eating calmly from where I was in the next room. It all sounded very civilized. Until I shut off my phone after completing my mission, turned the corner and saw this.  Actually, at the time, it was two kids on the couch with the coffee table pulled up to it, with yogurt and jelly everywhere. After I regained my ability to talk, this picture here is of Cole, newelry horrified at his messy state, asking me to clean him.

Sabina insisted that I blog this after I texted it to her to show her the tradeoff I'd made in doing a little work on the side while I was getting my kids ready for school (usually a big no-no for you can see why!!). Sabina wanted me to share with you that life isn't always roses when juggling running your business with running your kids and getting them fed and dressed for school before the work day starts. And as you can see, this work day was delayed because I had a bit of cleaning to do!


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