Media Contacts Database

Do you want magazine editors, writers, TV producers, and stylists at your fingertips? Get instant access to Tin Shingle's Media Contact Database with over 3,000 names across industries and mediums. Not sure which magazine, TV show or radio program to pitch? Search by Areas of Interest and you'll get a list of suggestions.

Media Outlet Types Include:
Contributing Writers
On-Air Experts
Blogs & Websites

Editorial Calendars

National print magazines that you pick up in grocery stores and airports know the theme of each monthly issue a year in advance. It's time you stopped kicking yourself for not pitching your business for an issue for which you know your business would have been perfect. Don't you wish you knew when that "Best Of" issue was, or the issue devoted to "Denim," or even the issue devoted to "All Things Cherries"?

Submit Your Own PR Opportunity

Are you a blogger, journalist, editor or producer looking for a lead for a story? Upload your lead directly into Tin Shingle's PR Center, and our members will be able to access and answer it. Your lead will be emailed directly to the membership. Additionally, to help you get the best results possible, you can promote yourself, your business, your website and social handles so that people will have a better sense of stories you work on or supply to other media outlets. You will have businesses of all kinds at your fingertips within the membership community.

Special Opportunities

When Special Opportunities come into Tin Shingle, you are emailed the details. In your PR Center, you will find a collection of ongoing leads with media outlets. Some leads are ongoing, meaning you can pitch to them at any time. Other leads are "hot" leads and have deadlines. Once a deadline passes, it disappears from the website. These leads are hand-selected and curated leads from individual sources.