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Provence Platter

If you don't have a cottage in the Hamptons, now you can entertain like you do!  This Provence Platter is versatile, elegant, and will certainly impress your guests.

Our gorgeous, rustic serving platter is made from French and American wine barrel lids, and each bears authentic cooper marks.  Each lid was actually used to age wine, with some being thirty or more years old.  The cooper marks are different on each lid, so each one is truly unique.  In addition, each beautiful, hand-finished lid is fitted with sturdy, rustic, American-forged wrought-iron handles in a rustic gunmetal color.  Each Provence Platter is an individual of heirloom quality!

This substantial, round tray can be used for so many things...such as tapas, a bread, cheese, and fruit presentation, oysters and champagne, or even a birthday cake!  Whatever you serve, it will look so scrumptious on this rustic oak lid.  Each platter is food-safe, and is rubbed with beeswax to protect it and create a truly gorgeous and unique finish.  A can of beeswax is included with your order so that you can maintain its beautiful finish.

You will be proud to display the Provence Platter on your table.  It is a true heirloom, and your guests will certainly notice your exquisite taste!  It also looks marvelous displayed on the wall.  Bon appétit!

By the way, a gentleman would TREASURE this as a gift.

Submitted By: KathrynStyleBoutique.com