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RestoPresto: from small pouch to versatile thin blanket. Compact. Convertible. Convenient.

RestoPresto® www.restopresto.com is a compact, portable pouch that converts to a versatile extra layer that can be configured how ever you need it in an instant. It is a smart solution that meets the diverse needs of people on the go because it combines several products into one and replaces hassle with convenience. 

RestoPresto® details:

·       RestoPresto® is available online for $39.99 which includes a branded carabiner, branded mini-stakes and an instruction guide. 

·       Effortlessly carry in or clip to a tote, stroller or on a belt loop using the carabiner.

·       Simple to use with its special “all-in-one” construction so there are no parts to misplace. Simply remove the soft mat from its attached stretchy pouch, which turns into a flat integrated pocket on the open mat. Easily tuck the mat back into the pouch by flipping the pocket inside out. No folding or thinking necessary. It just fits.

·       Fear not about putting the stuffed pouch back in a tote/purse/baby bag if the mat was exposed to the elements or soiled during use. The exterior pouch was hidden in the pocket when the mat was open.

·       The mat measures 55" x 31", both sides are water-repellent and are UPF 50+, the 100% polyester fabric is super soft on the skin (kid tested), supple and durable.

·       Secure to the ground when it’s windy or hang via loops at each corner.

·       Create cozy pockets, a hood, shoulder wrap or cover with the drawstrings and snaps.

·       Two or more units can be snapped or tied together for larger cover.

Customers use RestoPresto® for impromptu and planned outings in a variety of ways:

At picnics, on the beach (sand shakes right off), for exercising indoors & outdoors, during travel on planes, trains and public transportation, in a hotel room, as a play space for children when a clean area is needed, for baby changing on-the-go, at sporting events (fits in bags that comply with Stadium Bag Policies), while tailgating, at festivals and concerts and for recreational outings: camping, fishing, hiking and biking, as a privacy screen/modesty wrap, with pets, as a satchel/sack and worn during unexpected weather changes as a scarf, wrap of head cover and as a bathing suit cover/sarong.

RestoPresto® is a unisex product for all ages that can be used during the four seasons indoors and outdoors. From small pouch to versatile extra layer! PRESTO!

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