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All #SmallBizDiary Entries by Peggy Li
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I recently received an email from an entertainment journalist telling me she had posted about my jewelry on The Vampire Diaries for a blog post on Entertainment Weekly! It was thrilling news, made all the more gratifying by her comment of, "Life comes full circle, huh?"

You see, this journalist was just a teen with a dream when I first encountered her, over 10 years ago when I had first had jewelry on Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. I don't remember if I reached out to her, or she reached out to me, but Buffy was the connection. Lindzi Scharf was a go-getter, a blogger before that was really "a thing", and trying to live out her dream of reporting on celebs and fashion.

Fast forward to a year ago when I went full-time with Peggy Li Creations and decided I should look back at any and all press contacts I had worked with over the years and reach out to them. I found Lindzi, saw that she had flourished with her reporting and was now freelancing for pubs like InStyle and doing red carpet interviews. We reconnected and both were amazed to see that we had both "made it" - in other words, survived all these years still doing things we loved!

And then Lindzi was so great to write about my business yet again. She maybe wasn't writing for Glamour or EW back when we first met, but this turn of events reminded me how important it is to treat your peers with as much care and respect as anyone who you are aspiring to connect with that you feel is "big". Because you never know where someone will end up and what opportunities they will bring.

Thanks Lindzi! Follow Lindzi on Twitter here. And check out her Entertainment Weekly post on Candice Acola's Budget-Friendly wardrobe.

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