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All #SmallBizDiary Entries by Katie Hellmuth
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Drastic words spoken on an undramatic day. Today was a sick day for my son, and being that I'm a business owner who works from home, I'm fine with calling in a sick day for him (and me) when he needs the time to recoup or work through mystery congestion (take note "paid sick day" advocates...this business owner, and most others, don't get that luxury of demanding a paid sick day from the boss).

Usually on a child's sick day, I hyperventilate internally, thinking of all those people who I am letting down. Who am I not getting work done for. What projects are getting sidelined, again. What carefully plotted todo list is suffering from faded ink.

In this New Year of 2015, I'm working to enjoy my flexibility more, and appreciate it, and remind myself that it's partially why I went into business for myself. So today was actually a good day in terms of the degree of my nerves. The day went a little like this:

  • Cole enjoyed a morning of total Netflix control, where we could watch Matar on Car Toons on repeat for as long as he liked while I served him scrambled eggs in front of the TV, and then I wrote an article for a new section of the Tin Shingle website called "The Art of Getting Paid."
  • I went to the dentist for my 3-month checkup and teeth scraping to maintain my teeth while my husband watched Cole (hubby was also working from home, but his task involved reading, so that meant more Netflix watching for Cole, who was still delighted to watch literally the same episode on repeat).
  • Upon the changing of the guard, I tried putting Cole into a nap, but that really didn't happen, as Cole was thrilled to be home and wanted to do anything together. So we visited Pinterest to try to make a clock, and created the clock you see below. Cole had all liberties with paint, so it quickly lost that "Pinterest" look of total cute-ness, and instead looks like a messy chocolate cake. This will not be making it into my Pinterest board of Projects Accomplished. Ok, that board only has 2 pins, so maybe it will ;)
    Clock Kids Project on a Sick Day - Doesn't Quite Match Pinterest
  • Sensing that Cole and I were getting stir crazy, we texted a friend who was on her way to Lego Club at the Library. Heck yes! We bundled up and went to Lego Club for the first time. #SoFun.
  • Dusk fell, and we walked home after picking up chicken to cook for dinner. As we walked, Cole looked around and stated that he was scared, and then asked me: "Where is Big Foot?"
  • Dinner happened, more Matar from Cars, same episode, medicine, and then a long cajoling to bed, which involved sobbing tears from Cole who preferred to hang "with Daddy" who was not at home because he had taken our daughter to swim class at our fitness club, and then stayed to work out and participate in their chili cook-off (whaaaat?)
  • After many tears, Cole finally declared that he wanted to sleep in "Daddy's room," so here he lies after we read a story. And here I work, next to him in the dark, after texting my husband that I am "cooked", and off duty, and that he must do all dinner, bath and bedtime routines for our daughter (a task which I am still micromanaging from my text because the two of them are downstairs having all kinds of fun past bedtime).
    My Child Sleeping at the End of His Sick Day