How to Pitch SI Swimsuit Edition: Your Quick Guide to Crafting the Perfect Pitch in Swimsuit, Jewelry & Accessories"


Whenever springtime hits and the weather gets warmer you can bet that it’s time for the  Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition to begin pitches for their following year’s big Swimsuit Issue!  In fact they even tweeted about pulls for their 2014 issue as you can see in this posts accompanying image! Did you also know that this amazing opportunity isn’t just for swimsuits, but for jewelry and accessories as well? You know the competition is going to be stiff for this one, but don't freeze up! Below is a handy rundown of key things to remember when writing your pitch. Use these are your guiding principles and you can write and send your pitch with confidence knowing that you put your best foot forward!

  • Craft a descriptive subject line. Aim for succinct but juicy description, such as "Nina Swim Bikinis Help Bathing Beauties Get Glam” or  “Boho Chic Accessories for Swimsuit Issue Submission from Christine Mighion” Be sure you include the name of your company in the subject line.
  • The first line of your pitch should be a couple opening sentences introducing yourself, saying hello and stating exactly what you’re sharing with them. This is simple but effective--something like, "This is [your name] from [your company], I hope you're well.  I wanted to share some of our nautical inspired earrings with you for possible inclusion in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue you’re pulling for" is all it takes. Being friendly makes a big difference and you wouldn’t believe how many people leave out their greeting!   
  • Next, introduce images of your product by including your website, then embedding images if you can. Before you include images of your product, let them know they can find more of your product on your website and include the website address near the beginning of your email.  Think about it – this stylist or editor is swamped with emails they don’t want to dig for information!  Also, if you can make it work, embedding images is important as they help tell them see right away what your brand stands for! If you have multiple images aim for 4-7, don’t send them all in and overwhelm them.  
  • Then, provide further details on your line. This is where you get a bit more specific, Include price range (retail), details about material you use, if your product is made locally/in the USA, etc.  This is NOT the time to pitch your small business story.  To put it frankly, they don’t really care about it, they are specifically hunting for product and you’re going to give them exactly what you want!
  • Close with an invitation to provide more info upon request. Let them know you're available to send line sheets, samples or any other images as needed. Sign off with, "looking forward to hearing from you!"
  • Finish with your signature. Be sure to include your e-mail, phone and company website under your name.

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