How to Build Father's Day Buzz for Your Biz (No Matter What You Create and Sell)


How to Build Father's Day Buzz

Set your alarms and mark your calendars: Father's Day in the US is this June 21 and if you're a business owner you not only have to face finding the dad's in your life the perfect gift (might we suggest you snag something cool from a small business) but you are probably also hoping to build some buzz, sales or website traffic for your business.

Whether you sell products or services geared at dad or not, you can still draw attention to your business during this holiday and if you plan ahead you'll be able to employ more than one of the tactics we've laid out for you here. Let's dive right in:

Start Making Happy Father's Day Poster's Now:

Whether you're doing a Father's Day inspired promotion (see below) or simply wishing a happy day to dads on your social feeds, everyone loves a good visual graphic.  Does making your own sound daunting? It doesn't have to be if you use the right Apps. What are we loving right now?  WordSwag, PicMonkey and Canva. They get two big high fives from us for ease and user friendliness, and will allow you to plan ahead (key in buzz building success) and create posters that will POP out of the social streams, draw attention to your handles and allow you to celebrate dads in style.

Want some bonus points? Use these graphic social posts to take people to your website.  Mention magnetic content or enticing sales in the captions that accompany them and move people to your website!

Create Magnetic Father's Day  Content on Your Blog

How can you do that? Let us help:

  • Share a throwback photo of you and your dad on your blog.
  • Share a business or life lesson dad taught you. Yes, you can share a life lesson too. It's okay to get personal with your readers - in fact they like that!
  • Talk about the dad-focused products or services your company offers.
  • Discuss a Father's Day sale you have going on.
  • Share Father's Day focused tips or advice.

Prepare for a Father's Day Promotional Sale (No Matter What You Sell)

I don't care if you sell donuts or bow ties, your audience loves a good sale.  Heck, you can even sell goodies for women who may want another excuse to buy themselves something. So give the people what they want! What does this mean you need to do:

  • Decide on the sale's parameters (pricing, duration, offerings).
  • Create social media promotional plans to accompany it.
  • Prepare your website for the sale.
  • Craft a Father's Day sale newsletter.
  • Create a promo code (I suggest you use the word DAD or FATHERSDAY).
  • Start teasing the sale out a few days before the BIG DAY. 

I also recommend you let this sale go for the entire weekend - maybe even Thursday through Monday because holidays like this can mean travel and distractions for your audience and you don't want them to miss out on your offerings!

Pitch the Short Lead Outlets - NOW!

Long lead magazines (monthly mags that is) have already closed and printed their Father's Day issues, but some of the short leads (websites, television, radio and newspapers) still have gift guides to share and create.  Some may also be looking for Father's Day inspired tips or advice from experts and service providers.

Here's the deal: people need time to shop and ship gifts, so this is a tight deadline, but it's totally possible.  The key? Hit the ground running now. Get your pitch together, make sure it rocks (here's a template of a perfect pitch you can use), and send it to outlets that have an audience who would benefit from your offerings.