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Am I a member?
Members have activated their accounts by picking a monthly or yearly payment plan, which can be canceled or reactivated at anytime without any sorts of fees. Being a member means you can access our insider PR Leads (like to Jill's Steals and Deals, Star Magazine's Hot Sheet, MSNBC, and more). You can connect with other members in our private Forum. You can promote your business in our Small Biz Discoveries section of the website.

How do I join?
Click here to get started.
You'll get instant access to your business benefits.

Can I cancel my membership at any time?
Yes you can! If you signed up for the monthly or yearly payment plan, this simply means that you will be billed each month or year. You may cancel at any time, and you can re-start your membership at any time. Membership is non-refundable and not pro-rated. It is tax deductible. Here's how you can cancel your membership:

  • Go to your profile by clicking the MY PROFILE AS OTHERS SEE IT tab. Click the tab above the page called "Recurring Fees", and click the "cancel" link.
  • Email Tate Fields at

Is my Tin Shingle membership billed at the first of each month?
From the day you activate your membership, your credit card is auto-billed from that day. For example, if you pick the monthly plan and join on the 21st of the month, you will be billed on the 21st of the following month. If you decide to cancel your membership at any point between that time, you will be able to use your membership until the following billing period, at which point you will no longer be billed. If you intended to cancel membership but forgot, we grant you a one-day grace period to email Tate Fields at billing at for a full refund. The same rules apply to an annual membership, but you are auto-billed one year later from the date of purchase.


How do I access my benefits?
You must be logged in to access your benefits. There are two ways to access your benefits:

1. The link to all of your benefit tools is in the upper right hand corner called "My Account Center". Click it, and you will be taken to your account center.

2. There are shortcut links on the right side of your screen. These will always be there, no matter what page you are on.


How do I add links to my personal or company profiles to show where my brand is online?

1.) Click on the MY PERSONAL PROFILE (add/edit) link in the right side column. 

2.) Fill in your links. Once you're in your personal profile area, scroll down and you'll see a list of text fields. The left column is for the title of your link, and the right field is for the URL of your link. For example: your Pinterest profile could be simply titled "Pinterest" in the left column, and then paste the URL that is your Pinterest page in the right column. The sky is the limit as to how many cleverly named links you add here (well, no spammy links of course...we do monitor to make sure nothing bogus is going on).

It will look like this once you've filled it in (this is a screenshot of Tin Shingle co-founder Katie's personal profile links):

Profile link list


3.) To view your profile as the public sees it, click the link in the right side column called VIEW MY PROFILE AS OTHER SEE IT.

4.) Click Save. You are done!

How do I add my company or business profile?
From the right side of the screen, click on "MY BUSINESS PROFILE add/edit". You will be able to upload your logo, add a description, and links of where to find it online. All of your listings that you post to this website will be connected to your company profile, and will display on your public company profile page automatically for anyone to see.

Why would I upload more than one company?
We know that you may have more than one company, as many entrepreneurs do. We encourage the freedom to work them all. If you don't see a category that fits your business, please email us at so that we may accommodate you.

How do I list my company in the Business Directory?

When you create your company profile, you will see a pulldown menu under a section called "Business Directory." This leads you through our Business Directory categories, which are organized by Product or Service, and then different categories within those. You may change this listing at any time. When you edit your listing, it will look like this picture below. But the public will see your listing here in the Business Directory.

Editing your Business Directory listing


You are able to list your company in up to 3 categories at a time. You can do so by repeating the steps above. Once you company is listed in a category, it will be shown in a list that looks like the one above. To get listed in another category, you simply go up to the drop down menu under Business Directory Listing, and start the process again. To remove one, click the "Remove" link at the end of the listing.

The menu will look like the picture below. In the below scenario, this company called A Little Beacon Blog is listed under Products > Blog > Local Blog. To add this company to another category, the member would start where the red arrow is pointing:

Listing in more than one business category


Download the Template to your computer from your Download Center in your account here at Tin Shingle. Follow these steps:

  • Look at the shortcut links on the right side of this website.
  • Find the section called DOWNLOAD CENTER.
  • Under that, click on the link called MY TEMPLATES.
  • Click on the link for the Template that you want to download, and it will jump onto your computer.
  • If the Template is bundled with a video tutorial on how to use it, it will download as a zip file and you can double click it to unzip it. Once you do that, you will see all of the files that come with the Template.


Download the Podcast to your computer from your Download Center in your account here at Tin Shingle. Follow these steps:

  • Look at the shortcut links on the right side of this website.
  • Find the section called DOWNLOAD CENTER.
  • Under that, click on the link called MY PODCASTS.
  • If any notes came with your recording those will also be here as a link.
  • Click on the link that you want to download, and it will go to your iTunes or other music application on your computer.
  • The Podcast will live in your iTunes in "Music". The Artist will be Tin Shingle in your Music Library. All of your downloaded podcasts will be in your iTunes forever. To listen to them from an iPhone or iPad, simply synch your phone or device to your iTunes. Samsung phones can listen directly to the Podcast if downloaded by tapping from your phone.
  • Hint: Once you download it from this website, it may start playing on your computer.


Watch your video from your account here in our website! In the right-hand side of this website, click on the link called "MY VIDEOS" under the heading DOWNLOAD CENTER. Your video class will be there, as will any accompanying documents. Just click "Watch"