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Big visionaries behind small businesses share their insights and experiences in this series. Learn how to share your brand story here.

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All #SmallBizDiary Entries by Katie Hellmuth
The views of this member do not reflect those of Tin Shingle.

This blog entry is one of (Sabina's writing the other one) the virgin posts of our new section, Diary of a Small Business Owner! It's been one of many projects we are building at Tin Shingle, and it looks like....it just might launch today! We are writing our entries fast because:

  • It's just so exciting to see it live
  • I have to go pick up my daughter at school and gently wake my baby up from his nap
  • I have to check one more email before all that happens.

So - how has this process been? Of launching a new product? Really great, but as usual it seems, it happens amidst other issues like server switches, podcasts spazzing out, and more and more goodness. So from one business owner to another, behold, our new toy.

In a few more tweaks, you'll be able to also embed videos. You can upload images, and link your words to wherever you want (hello SEO friend!). But know this: 

You can now start journaling your experience as a small business owner - the day to days - the triumphs, the silly snags, the everyday things that sometimes are major things that drive your business or endevour.

I know you're dying to start typing. So log in and click on DIARY ENTRY (add/edit) in the right hand side column of this website. And if you don't see that, it's because you're not a #ProPreneur yet!! So click here to join us in the fun!

(ps: we haven't included a spell check here yet, so....you might see typos)

(pps: i hope you like this as much as we do!)

(ppps: here is a picture of Sabina and me writing our first diary entries! I'm on the right side, and my space looks weird because I'm in my basement office for total focus (one of three offices I have in my home))

Katie and Sabina GoToing