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All #SmallBizDiary Entries by Dawn Del Russo
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I thought tonight would be the best time to do my first diary entry here on Tin Shingle.  I was happy to see this new platform since I am always curious what is going on in the minds of other entrepreneurs, how they work, thier daily routines and balancing life. I have been working in the fashion industry for about 9 years now.  Wow, when I say that number it sometimes suprises me. The years fly by so fast, especially in business and some golas are reached and other we continue to strive for. After this week and literally weathering a crazy storm named Sandy, I've had a chance to look at my achievements with greater respect. We dont always stop to see what we have accomplished or what we do on a daily basis to get there, but when something so out of control stops everything we have a chance to reflect.  For me it was a simple drive into NYC for a tv segment that I couldn't make.  Almost daily I make the drive in from NJ to NYC to visit showrooms, meet with clients, and speak as a fashion expert on national tv programs. This week I was stopped in my tracks.  I wasn't going to let it get me, I sent a note to the producer at my Fox News segment to say I am still ready to do the segment, would Skype work?  To my delight he said sure no problem at all, and from a hotel lobby I sent my talking points over, coordinated times and prepared my notes. The following day, I was planning to go back to this hotel to record the segment in a private office that they had, but with much excitement as I was packing up my computer, the light's at my parents home where I have been staying came on!  I quickly set up shop ( posted a pic on my instagram) and was ready to roll for the camera's via Skype.  It was a success, as smooth as can be, with out a trip to the NYC studio. These little things happen and we have to take a step back and relize as entrepreneurs we really can make anything happen.  Maybe not always as planned but still getting the job done.  

P.S you can see the segment here