Entrepreneurs seem to be very good at starting and developing projects. I've found one of the most challenging things for me is to figure out and then decide what to stop doing, whether it's because the market is changing, it's not profitable, or I'm just


<p> We are always open to experimenting with ideas we get from customers and employees. For example, we had some customers that suggested that we try selling dog collars, and others that suggested that we try selling sunglasses. Neither of those categories have very much to do with shoes, but we decided to experiment with both.<br /> <br /> As it turns out, the dog collars did not sell very well, but the sunglasses did. So we decided to stop selling dog collars and invest more heavily in sunglasses. Today, we have one of the best selections of sunglasses available anywhere, online or offline, and they continue to sell well for us.</p>
Interview with Entrepreneur Tony Hsieh