How to Increase Your Chances for Press this Fall


Want more press this fall but you're not sure how to make it happen? We've got four ideas that will boost your buzz...

Start Reading & Complimenting Your Press Targets:

This tip is important for two reasons: Firstly, the more you read the blogs and magazines that you want to be featured in the more likely it is you'll be able to land them, that's just how it works. Why? Because it will give you insight into their angles, their vibe, their style, their delivery, and the types of stories they cover. I'm guessing that once you start reading Redbook, or Refinery29 or wherever else you want to be featured in, the story ideas and pitch angles will start pouring out of you. But wait, there's more!

I also want you to take it a step further. When you read something that inspires you, that moves you, that turns you on as a reader, you're going to let the reporter or editor or blogger who wrote it know this. How? You're going to email them or tweet them and tell them. Do you know what you're not going to do? You're not going to pitch yourself or your business in this email, nor are you going to mention it, unless you are in some way linked to their story or it impacted you or your business in a way that makes sense to mention in your email or tweet. This tip is an exercise in growing relationships with the press and also doing your research. It may make you feel uncomfortable or nervous at first, it may require some extra reading time, but trust me: it's how people who get press behave, and if you want more press this fall, it's how you'll behave as well!

Review & Revise Your Pitches

Let's face it: you can't get new press with old pitches - at least not easily. It's a new season and it's time to freshen up your pitches to the press. Here are a few ways you can get that process started in an impactful way:

  • Get a new set of eyes on your pitches and ask them if they "get it".  Do they understand your angle? Does it flow? Is your ask or goal clear? Are there any mistakes you may have missed in it?
  • Freshen up your tips! If you're an expert, it's time to offer some new tips or advice you can share with the press, bonus points if they are timely and seasonal.
  • Review your bullets! To know me is to know that I LOVE when you include bullets in your pitches to the press. But how often do you review these bullets? Is the juiciest stuff really at the top? Are there new USP's you can add to your bulleted list?
  • Give your old subject line a send off! It's time to give people a new reason to open your email and that means a new subject line. Shoot for one that is catchy and concise. Make it engaging but still clear in terms of why you're reaching out. Sure, we all want a witty or intriguing subject line but if it's not obvious what you're writing them about they may never open your email, and then they'll never get to read your brilliant pitch!

Make that Phone Call:

Hey listen, even I prefer to communicate on email rather than phone, whether I'm the one getting or receiving the information.  That said, there are times when good ol' phone communication must be used - especially if the person you're reaching out to isn't returning your emails!

If you've got a press target that you KNOW you belong in and you're just getting radio silence from them, you need to make the next move, pick up the phone and do a quick phone introduction/pitch with them. If only to let them know who you are, confirm they're the best person for you to reach out to and let them know you can continue the conversation on email. Those quick moments of human connection can make a huge difference, and ensure that you aren't simply buried in their inbox forever - even if they can be a little bit nerveracking. I can still remember phone calls I've made to members of the press that I was practically dreading while dialing, but many of those same phone calls led to long term relationships with the press!

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