How Can I Use Twitter Analytics to Tweet More Powerfully


Are your tweets falling on deaf online ears? Do some tweets engage your followers more than others? Wouldn't it be nice to know which styles and types of tweets your online audience loves you to post and do share of them? Is there a way to figure all of this out?

Here's the deal: you can tweet all day long, but if your tweets aren't engaging your followers, converting into website traffic and allowing you to successfully tell your brand story to an audience who is listening, they're missing the mark. And you don't have time for work that isn't working for you. That's why it's important to measure your Twitter impact and one quick and simple way to do that is through Twitter Analytics.

Twitter Analytics is a powerful tool that you have at your disposal as we speak that will allow you visually see which of your tweets are moving the needle and which are missing the mark. From monthly summaries of your Twitter activities to insight into which tweets garnered the most impressions, it's high time you dug into the results of your Twitter efforts, see what works and modify tweets that could use some tweaking. Below you'll find some steps that will get you started - and get you thinking about your tweets through a new, more strategic lens:

Twitter Analytics Homepage

STEP ONE:  Hop over and sign into your Twitter Analytics via

STEP TWO: On the home screen of Twitter Analytics you'll find your monthly summary on the right of the page. You'll also find a 28 day summary across the top of the page. These are both great opportunities to get an overview of how your tweets and feed have been performing, from impressions to new followers. If you scroll down the page a bit you'll also be able to see these results for the previous months before that. This gives you the chance to compare your engagement over multiple months, and if you're trying new Twitter techniques and strategies, you'll be able to see how well they're performing via actual, measurable data (new followers, impressions, etc.).

STEP THREE: On the home screen you'll also be able to check out your "tops": Top Tweet, Top Mention, Top Follower, Top Media Tweet (tweet with an image or video), and you'll get the same results for previous months as you scroll down the page.

Twitter Activity Page

Another simple and insightful way you can begin using Twitter Analytics today is by clicking on the Tweets tab at the top of the page and heading over to the Twitter Activity page which will allow you to really analyze your tweet data even more specifically.  Here a few ways you can begin learning from it today:

STEP ONE: Review all your tweets from the month and get instant feedback regarding their: Impressions (number of times users saw the tweet on Twitter), engagement (how often people engaged with the tweet or hashtag - from clicking to replying), and engagement rate (number of engagements divided by number of impressions). Talk about a powerful way to see how different types of tweets are performing with measurable data to prove what your audience is engaging with!

STEP TWO:  Click on your Top Tweets tab on this same Twitter Activity page and you'll get an instant ranking of which tweets were the most successful for you over the past 28 days.

STEP THREE: Finally, hop back over to the top of this Twitter Activity page and look at the bar graph. Move your cursor anywhere over it and you'll get Twitter data including how many organic impressions your tweets garnered for specific days over the past month.

We'll talk more about how you can use Twitter analytics to dig deep and get more strategic when tweeting but these two areas, your Twitter Analytics home screen and the Twitter Activity page are exactly where you need to begin. Dive into them, get to know how your tweets are impacting your audience, tweak your tweets and get out there to tell your brand's story to an even bigger and more engaged audience than before!