Katie James, Inc.


Katie James, Inc.

Katie James, Inc. is a couture branding agency specializing in storytelling and design.


  • Website Design:
    Websites architected in Squarespace and Shopify. We can do others, but ejnoy working in these platforms, both for the design features and freedom that the client has in ease of updating should they want to.
  • Print Design:
    Flyers, ads, business cards, and other printed material. 
  • Logo Development:
    Logo design to reflect your business.
  • Social Media Training:
    Empowering clients to do their own social media, from photography to caption writing.
  • Social Media Implementation:
    ​Original photography and caption writing for a client's Facebook and Instagram. Includes a well-rounded approach to why each photo is being posted, and how it backs up what the brand sells, in order to increase sales.

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