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Nomie Baby

As the saying goes, "Necessity is the mother of invention." Therefore, when my littlest spilled on her car seat, and I struggled to take off the cover, I was surprised to read the care instructions, which said, "Do not machine wash, " and thought that there has to be a better answer. After searching and coming up empty, I knew an idea was born. The nomie baby car seat cover is a cozy, removable, washable and waterproof cover for infant and toddler/convertible car seats. No more crying over spilled milk - or worse! The nomie baby car seat cover is designed with elastic edges and Velcro openings, so there is no need to struggle to take the car seat out of the car, or wrestle to disassemble the straps. Simply slip the nomie baby over the existing cover, pull the straps through the Velcro openings, and when it gets dirty, and it will, simply slip it off, throw it in the washing machine and dryer and start all over again!

Another goal of mine in creating the nomie baby car seat cover was to make it a baby basic and mommy-must-have, therefore, the suggested retail price is $34.95. Now any hand-me-down can be good as new, and the life of your existing car seat can be extended. The nomie baby car seat cover lets your little one can be their messy adorable self, and you can have a hassle-free way of cleaning up. Enjoy the happy-mess! Right now nomie baby is available in 2 sizes, toddler/convertible and infant, and the colors are: pink, blue, lime, and white (infant only).

In February I will be adding navy and charcoal gray to the choices. I am also working on additional product lines.

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