Awaken & Grow with Christine Agro


Awaken & Grow with Christine Agro

Christine Agro is a Spiritual Teacher and Clairvoyant and she is the creator of The Awaken Method, a simple process to help you step into flow and create a life you love. Christine's information comes from her deep connection to Spirit and through her observations from working with thousands of students and clients for (almost) 20 years. She has gathered clear and simple insight into how our lives unfold, what we are working on Spiritually, how it shows up in our life and what we can do to create balance, flow and ease.  In addition to her passion of supporting people on their journey, she is the founder and Higher Priestess of The Church of Nature.

Christine offers courses, workshops and programs to help you deepen your intuition and uncover that 'something' else you know is there, but cannot see.

Take Christine's quick quiz to find out what energy tool will help you find balance and create flow in your life. You'll find the quiz at her website 

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