Kryzia Kreations


Kryzia Kreations

Kryzia Kreations is the jewelry design studio of self-taught jewelry designer, Christina Paluszek-McClure, that specializes in whimsical, handcrafted artisan jewelry inspired by nature, myth, and romantic vintage style that inspires, delights, and becomes part of your unique story.

Christina embraced metalsmithing because you can take something so cold and hard as metal, and form it into something so delicate and wearable.  Combined with her love of nature and whimsy, each handcrafted design contains multiple textures and detailed metalwork that entices you to really investigate the piece and discover its texture, personality, beauty and story. 

She believes that jewelry should help tell your own unique story and be an extension of your personal style. It should make a statement, but at the same time not overwhelm you. It should be a reflection of you that makes you smile every time you wear it, look at it, or touch it. And above all else, it should make you feel special because you are not just another face in the crowd. 

Christina also has a strong belief that we should be kind to our environment, so each piece is hand-fabricated in the most socially and environmentally friendly way possible using recycled precious metals, ethically sourced natural gemstones, and conflict free diamonds that are mined in accordance with the Kimberley Process and purchased from legitimate suppliers.  You can view her current collections on her website at



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