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Your Pet Chef

Located in Chicago, Your Pet Chef makes personalized dog food using 100% human grade ingredients. We design meals based upon information provided by our 2 legged clients. Our grain, gluten, and dairy free food is then prepared by portion and delivered directly to the home.

About 6 years ago, our rough collie Shelby was diagnosed with a degenerative disease. Our veterinarian asked if I would be willing to make a special diet for her that was designed to slow the progression of the disease. I said "Yes, Of Course!" and the rest is history. Shelby ate like a queen. Our other dogs wanted in on the action, so working with my vet, we created some recipes for them. Your Pet Chef was created in 2012 when I lost my job 1 month before my 50th birthday. It was a "now or never" decision and I haven't looked back!

We recently launched a line of treats using our food recipes. We've created several flavor programs designed to target specific niches. Our Common Medical Conditions line includes treats that help with heart and liver conditions, anxiety, upset stomach, and flaky skin. We've sold these into a veterinarian office and have several samples out to other office. We also have a Flavor of the Month line that highlights a holiday or special meaning in that month. We also offer custom flavors for local merchants and subscription boxes.

We try to help every dog eat a great meal they love every day. Look, they are only with us for a short time. Why not provide them with the best nutrition possible to keep them healthier longer?

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