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Wrapped in Love

Wrapped in Love (www.wrappedinlove.com) was inspired by my mom when she was in the hospital a few years back before she passed away.  Wrapped in Love encompasses head wraps, wraps and other fashion accessories I design for women with cancer or convalescing to provide them with warmth, comfort, beauty, dignity and style.  My mom was nearing the end of her life and didn't want to have anymore visitors in the hospital.  It was Christmas eve and I decided to go home and make her a makeshift wrap to go around her patient gown, along with a flower pin (as she loved flowers and gardening).  I brought it in and put it around her on Christmas day and the nurses said she seemed to light up, and I saw her familiar smile again, as I knew it made her feel special and gave her some dignity.  I decided then that one day I wanted to do this for others...and Wrapped in Love became a reality two years ago.

I conduct focus groups with cancer patients and survivors to get their input regarding the most comfortable fabric and styles for their particular needs.  I also work closely with nurses to ensure that my designs provide them with the appropriate access they need to attend to the patient.  I select the fabrics and create the design and I then have them produced in my home state of Michigan.  As I prepare to introduce each new line of items, I conduct a photo shoot using cancer patients and survivors as my models for my web site and promotional materials.  Soon I hope to expand my line to include men and children as well.

Each quarter I donate a percentage of sales to a different charity.

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