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A little discussed fact around the working world is that entrepreneurs and small business owners often use nationally recognized holidays to have peace and quiet and do their work. Usually this happens most often with Monday holidays. This year (2014), July 4th falls on a Friday, which reverses the weekend holiday to a Friday holiday, and puts Thursday as the new Friday for that week.

Being that I'm in #DIYdaycare mode, I operate on a one day at a time routine, to see when work shifts are going to fit in between videos, park outings, backyard baby pool dips, library visits, and trips to the grocery store. So for me, weeks just break down into weeks of summer, countdown to official library classes, etc.

So during this week, people kept wishing me a good holiday weekend. And I didn't know what they were talking about (crazy, I know...). I was at a friend's house on Monday night for a dinner playdate, and the "holiday" came up again. I took advantage of the moment to declare my observation about holidays, and how small business owners usually don't know when a holiday is arriving because we work through them. As I proudly declared this, I ended it with a "I mean...what is this holiday anyway??"

And it was the Fourth of July.

Woa. Head in sand mode! And a signal that summer is about to fly by.

PS: You can follow our #DIYdaycare plans and progress right here in the #SmallBizDiaries series, and in my personal Instagram feed.