What are some do's and don'ts that should be followed when making a video post?


We all know that content can be the perfume that lures readers and customers to your website or blog, but did you ever think about how potent that perfume could be with some video included?  Before you freeze up or make excuses as to why you aren't creating it, read these tips from fashion stylist and video creation pro Dawn Del Russo.  For the full article click here!

Be authentic with your audience: Be yourself  - that is what they want to see.

Don't make it all about you: Ask questions, what does your audience like, have they tried a product, what do they want to see more of?

Keep it Short: At most 2-3 minutes because people don't want to watch a 30 minute video about what your wore or how to make it in business, they want the tips in 2 quick minutes.

Jump In: Don't be afraid of the camera, if you are yourself people will like it, and you can replay your first videos later on to see what needs tweaking.

Re-Brand It: After creating the videos you have great content to use on other social media platforms, to send out to editors and the media who might be interested, and it shows them your expertise.

Think about the background and lighting:
If you have clutter in the back you will loose their attention and if the lighting is bad, they simply won't be able to see you.